Bridge of Sighs

What type of bridge do you prefer?

Floating, hardtail, stoptail, I don’t care just let me play

Based on my experience, I think it has a lot to do with the type that was on your first guitar. My first guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul and 18 years later, I still prefer a stoptail bridge over anything else. I feel more comfortable with a Gibson in my hands than a Fender. I have friends who started with Strats and will not pick up another guitar. They, like others complain about the extra weight of a Les Paul, but I don’t really notice it. While I think that there are more tonal varieties contained within a Strat, I find that it takes some work to play one. I would rather have a guitar that is effortless to play, even if it does weigh a few more pounds.

I like playing Floyd Rose equipped guitars, but if I had to have just one guitar, I wouldn’t pick one of those. I don’t care for the hassle involved of having to make the adjustments when you need to change from standard tuning to a drop D or lower. I lovethe pitch manipulations that can be done on a Floyd and I’m wondering why I don’t have a guitar with one on it right now? I should probably add a new guitar to the collection…

I like the bridges that are on PRS guitars. They don’t scrape up the side of my hand like a vintage bridge would do on a Strat and they stay in tune very well if you use the tremolo. I’m a big fan of the construction and playability that come with a PRS guitar. They have combined elements from Gibson and Fender, while adding their own touch to make an instrument that is great to play.

Regardless of what type of bridge you prefer, go pick up that guitar and play the hell out of it!


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