Gary Clark Jr. is Mesmerizing at Amoeba Records

Gary Clark Jr.Gary Clark Jr. and his band took the stage at Amoeba Records just after 6 pm on Wednesday night and played a ferocious 40-minute set. The performance was to celebrate his new release, The Story of Sonny Boy Slim, his second studio release and the follow up to the popular, Black and Blu, which was released in 2012. Coming off of two sold out shows opening for the Foo Fighters at the legendary Forum, Gary Clark Jr. played to a much more intimate, but highly enthusiastic crowd. The 8-song set was bookended with crowd favorite, “Bright Lights” and closed with “The Healing,” the opening track from the new album.

Gary used a pair of Fender Vibro Kings, a modest pedal board, and a few guitars that included: a GibsonGary Clark Jr. SG, Fender Custom Shop Strat, and his signature Epiphone Casino. Zapata, the other guitarist in the band, used pair of Fender Deluxe Reverb amps, a more populated but mysterious pedal board, with almost all of the pedals covered in black tape, and a couple of his signature Moollon guitars.

It’s no question that Gary is one of the more talented players out there and that talent was on full display during last night’s performance. When Gary Clark Jr. starts playing the guitar he is a force and people are immediately drawn to him. His playing commands your attention and rewards you with long lasting sonic gifts. Those who were fortunate enough to have been in attendance left with a memory and an experience that they soon won’t forget.

Gary Clark Jr.

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