Gibson Dave Grohl ES-335

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Twenty years ago when Dave Grohl went from behind the drum kit in Nirvana to front the Foo Fighters, I never thought that he would end up with his own signature guitar from Gibson. Throughout his time in the Foo Fighters, Dave has played an Ampeg Dan Armstrong, Gibson Firebirds and SGs, but no guitar has been associated with him more than the Gibson Trini Lopez. He first picked up a Trini Lopez in the early 90s and that guitar has become the foundation of his sound and the sound of the band. In 2007, Gibson released the ‘Inspired By’ DG ES-335 in Pelham Blue and Ebony. Both guitars were a limited run and went on to be very popular and highly collectable. I was fortunate enough to have owned an Ebony one, but had to sell it a few months later due to a financial situation. I had no idea that within a few years that guitar would almost triple in value. Not only do I regret selling it, but I also regret the price I sold it for. It was a versatile, well-made guitar that was fun to play, and I missed it.


In November 2014, I received an email from Gibson that gave me the chance to correct a mistake I made 7 years earlier. They announced they were bringing back the Dave Grohl ES-335 in Pelham Blue and a new color, Gold Metallic. These guitars, like the modelsbefore, are a limited run – only 200 Pelham Blue guitars were produced and 400 of the Gold Metallic. I opted for the Gold Metallic because of price and the uniqueness of that color. The retail price for the Pelham Blue is $6,999, which is out of my price range, while the Gold Metallic lists for $3,499 and is worth every penny. Continue reading

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