Daily Gear Obsession: Jackson Scott Ian T-1000 Soloist

Photo Credit: Jacksonguitars.com

Photo Credit: Jacksonguitars.com

Today’s Daily Gear Obsession is a monster. A model that’s named after a Terminator would have to be. I have had my eye on this guitar for some time, but today, this has been the one that I’ve been thinking about. I love the silverburst, the toggle switch instead of the blade, and the bolt inlays. It has the classic Duncan set of a 59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge which is never a bad pairing.

Scott Ian has had a long association with Jackson and I think that this is his best model. He has been playing a King V lately and I expect that to be a signature model released later this year or announced next January at NAMM. The cost of the two pick up model and the single have gone up considerably this year. I should’ve picked one up before the price hike. I won’t let that deter me, it will just take a little longer to get it…if my obsession continues.


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What is your favorite piece of gear?

Do you have a favorite? Is it tough to just pick one?

My favorite is my Jackson Dominion. I purchased this guitar in 2006, which was also the first year this model was released. I ordered this guitar from Drum City Guitar Land and they had two color choices: Primer or Riverbed. I really wanted Riverbed because I thought the color was unique and I liked that this model had inlays. But my impatience to own this guitar as soon as possible led me to go with the Primer. While this guitar didn’t have a nice quilt maple top or the cool looking inlays like the slightly more expensive model, all of the other features were the same. It was my first guitar without inlays and one that had split coil functionality. I really liked the versatility of this instrument. It was a breeze to play and felt very comfortable, almost like it was made from me. I also liked that though it was the Mark Morton signature model, it only had his signature on the truss rod cover indicating as such. This guitar was great. I’ve learned songs on it, I’ve written songs on it, and it just inspired me to play more.

In 2011, for reasons I have yet to determine, I sold this guitar to my friend. It was partly because I had a Gretsch 6120 and a SG that I was playing a lot more, and partly because I was clearly out of my mind. Months after this had happened I began to regret my decision. I told my friend to let me know if he ever wanted to sell it. Knowing how happy he was with it, I knew that it wouldn’t be any time soon. In 2012 I purchased another Dominion in the Wine Drunk color. This was like the Riverbed in that it had the features that I initially wanted, but it wasn’t the same guitar. It played a little differently and didn’t feel like my guitar so I sold it. I had come to realize that while I initially thought I was settling for the Primer, I actually ended up picking the best of the two.  Continue reading

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Day 2: The AfterNAMMth

Friday was another good day at NAMM. There seemed to be fewer people than Thursday which made it a little easier to get from booth to booth. The layout at the Convention Center is so spread out that it’s not uncommon to walk 4 to 5 miles a day.

I started at the Dean booth and was very excited to see they had Dimebag Darrell’s original Dean from Hell ML guitar. The guitar, housed in a thick glass case, showed every bit of road use and it was an honor to see such a historic instrument up close. Dean also had some impressive Dave Mustaine models, including the new Trans Blue Limited V.

The next stop was the Gretsch booth. They make some very iconic guitars like the White Falcon, Duo Jet, and Penguin. I was delighted to see an update to the Brian Setzer series of guitars. Gretsch has updated the Hot Rod series of his guitar to include a flame maple body, new colors like Harbor Blue, and his signature TV Jones pickups.

I then made my way to the EVH booth to see what goods Eddie and the EVH team had on display. The Wolfgang Customs look phenomenal, as did the famous Circles guitar. I was able to speak with one of their reps and learned that Eddie signs each prototype in gold or silver Sharpie. He showed me the latest Star guitar with Eddie’s approval on the back. As an owner of an EVH 5150 III combo amp, it was nice to hear how meticulous his approval process is across the full line of EVH products. I guess when your initials are the brand’s name, you want to make sure everything’s right.

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