Daily Gear Obsession: Rickenbacker 4003

Photo Credit: Zzounds.com

Photo Credit: Zzounds.com

Today’s Daily Gear Obsession is the legendary Rickenbacker 4003 bass. During the past 24 hours I have started the fascination for this bass in Jetglo. I have owned a Ric 360 in Fireglo and really loved that color, but there is something understated that I like about Jetglo. I’d also like to order a Lemmy pickup from the Seymour Duncan custom shop and change out the bridge pickup in the 4003. Lemmy has such an abrasive tone, that I think would be perfect in this bass.

So here’s the formula: Ric 4003, a Lemmy pickup, and a healthy amount of attitude. Let’s rock!

Time to go look at pictures of this bass and watch videos of it in action.




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Daily Gear Obsession: I Want You Back Part 2

Today’s Daily Gear Obsession wraps up the final two guitars that I once owned and wish I still did. The hard truth is that I wouldn’t have been able to keep all four, but it is nice to reminisce about what could’ve been.

ESP Kirk Hammett KH2 – This was a great, sleek looking guitar. This guitar had a fast neck and was very easy to play. The skull and cross bone inlays were a perfect fit for this guitar that just begged for some Metallica songs to be played on it. Naturally, I obliged and appreciated the guitar’s versatility in playing all styles of music. The EMG pickups sounded awesome and the 81 and 60 were a great combination for this speed machine. As I’m typing this, I’m remembering its effortless playing and am longing for it again.

Rickenbacker 360/6 – This guitar was completely different than any other guitar that I owned and I miss its jangle. I’m a huge fan of The Beatles, and I’m sure like many, I had to get a Ric. They just have that sound. That specific, identifiable sound that no other guitar has and that’s what makes it so unique. The neck is small and makes chording a breeze; even those pesky 7th chords that the Fab Four liked to use. The color of my guitar was Fireglo and it was gorgeous. When I think of a Ric, that’s the color that comes to mind. There have been other famous and historic colors, just with The Beatles alone, but the Fireglo is it for me. If you get the chance to buy a Ric you should do it. Don’t second guess it. Then take that guitar and plug it into a Vox AC30 and see if that doesn’t put a huge smile on your face.

This wraps ups the four guitars that I regret selling. My impatience and ever-changing tastes have caused me to loose a lot of money on these guitars and many others. Damn you, eBay!!!!

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